Johnson City Partners Meeting Minutes

January 8, 2020



President: Julie Deemie
Vice-Pres: Corinna Johnson
Treasurer: Marcia Ward
Corres. Sec: Barb Thompson
Recording Sec: Mary Daniels 

Attendees: Members: Julie Deemie, Corinna Johnson, Barb Thompson, Donna Converse, Marcia Ward, Darlene Leonard, Matt White

Meeting called to order: at 7:12 by Julie, no guests

Approval of Meeting Minutes:
Review July 10, 2019 minutes- Motion to accept: Corinna; Second: Marcia;
Minutes accepted unanimously as corrected
Review November 11, 2019 minutes- Motion to accept: Corinna; Second: Marcia; Minutes accepted unanimously as corrected

December 11, 2019 minutes distributed, to be acted on at next meeting

Treasurer’s Report- Marcia: Checking $1,307.49
Savings 587.20
Revitalization Savings 118.46

Committee Reports:
Cruze-Inz: Discussed concerns about attendance if we only do one event in September. A decision was made to suspend Cruze Inz for 2020.

Old Business:
T-shirt Fundraising Updates: Julie- 23 shirts are still available. We will offer shirts again on Facebook.

New Business:

Nominations for Officers: There were not sufficient nominations to fill the ballot for annual elections. As per our bylaws, there is a base requirement of 3 officers necessary.

Discussion regarding the future of Johnson City Partners: After a lengthy and difficult discussion, there was a motion made by Darlene to research the process necessary to dissolve Johnson City Partners and explore options for disbursements of funds. Current officers will be retained until such time as we reconvene. Motion seconded by Marcia and carried unanimously.

Our next meeting will be announced by e-mail to members

Adjournment: 8:42


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